Jan 20, 2018
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Welcome to A Bit Hippy EU Limited
Forex Investment Team.

Bit Hippy is a standout amongst the best and superb spots online to make your speculations. Lawfully enlisted in United Kingdom, Bit Hippy was begun to give clients a valuable, dependable, and gainful format to procure with in view of years of information, experience, and ability by our master dealers and FOREX experts.

With a couple of years of involvement in the business now we have reliably conveyed fruitful and solid results and execution and a more than stellar exchanging history that our clients can depend on.

About Forex Trading.
Forex (Foreign Exchange) is the immediate trade of the current of one nation for that of another.
This type of cash hypothesis is defined around the variety among trade rates globally.
The Forex business sector is at present the world’s biggest, with an expected $3000 billion turnover consistently.
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